Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More 1-high (Kiffin)

I was looking for some film to throw over to Trojanfootballanalysis, to anticipate what flavor the USC defense would have. Looking for the cliched "Cover 2" / "Tampa 2" to feed an echoing "sports fan" audience, I couldn't find any......just a ton of C1 and fire-zones (even when they SHOULD have been in 2-high, to which Ohio was able to exploit the seams by #2).


09Tenn @ Yahoo! Video

@1:32 of this clip is probably the best example of "the 'Rat in the Hole' cutting the Y shallow"


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ArtofTroy: said...

Great stuff Brophy. Thanks for posting. M. Kiffin and P. Carrol both seem to like to line up in that double eagle front versus most shot gun run situations...I was wondering what they were doing in the secondary. This helps. Thanks!