Thursday, March 18, 2010


Grab some Mountain Dew or 5-hour Energy Drink and let it rip!
I enjoyed the first day of spring ball with Louisiana Tech and their up-tempo brand of football.

It was as any TFS/AR first practice goes - like a Chinese firedrill. With the emphasis on tempo and execution, the periods flew by with lots of expected drops (on missle and fast screens) and it may take a few more practices until the receivers understand the "finish" aspect of Air Raid (unceasing admonishment to get into the end zone on every throw). Completely systematic, Franklin was on fire before he even stepped on the field, it was something to watch.

It was also interesting to note that as the very first practice, he would spend the skelly and team periods on the sideline with the receivers coach signalling plays in (no wristbands), just as they would on game day. I really intended to spend the majority of the time with the offensive line, but the the initial intense details being hammered in pre-practice in settle & noose and flare/fire QB reads were too much (plus got to catch up with Shreveport coaches Clint Hortman and John Bachman).

The OL segments were minute-for-minute just like any other TFS install (here in front recognition/BPU). First day, it was all 42-Nickel, 41-Nickel, and 5-0 fronts exclusively. This seemed to really help the players pick up the methodology of line + back coordination. The paring down of install (nothing but stretch (+boss), missile, 41/51, mesh/mesh-return, lasso/rodeo, stick).

What was as exciting as anything was the amount of intensity throughout the 3 hours of practice from every coach. You couldn't miss a moment where there was some coach encouraging and instructing a player. The defense matched the offense in intensity and though I hate to make comparisons, defensive coordinator, Tommy Spangler, sure reminds you an awful lot of Bo Pelini (mannerisms, phrases, and passion).

I plan on heading over Friday and spending the first part of practice with DBs and then the rest of the time with offensive specialists on Saturday.

here is a photostream if you're interested:

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here are some quick video snipets of practice/drills:


jgordon1 said...

Gives me butterflies just thinking about it

Rich Hammond said...

Brophy what are the QB Flare Fire read drill?

dubber said...

I'm jealous.

brophy said...

Flare/Fire is stretch-read. It is what Tony is doing in the video

Anonymous said...

do you know what the main concept behind the inch off man tech that they were doing? if that is what the DB's were doing.

dacoachmo said...

What is lasso/rodeo?

Anonymous said...

I could be misaken coach but I believe lasso/rodeo is where the back lines up... same wth Tech on Louie n Roger

brophy said...

rodeo is bootleg right
lasso is bootleg left