Monday, March 1, 2010

And so it starts (sigh)....

I'm already hearing it down here regarding the Dykes/Franklin scenario in Ruston (Louisiana Tech).

When discussing Tech's outlook in 2010, I'm getting the rote responses of "oh, I don't know about that 'Run n Gun' style of offense", and the more Dixiecrat, "Well, first they gonna needs to do is find them a new quarterback. That white-boy ain't gonna be able to run around....".

Ah, I can't even muster a response.

Not exactly sure what folks expect from what they've seen at Texas Tech, Middle Tennessee, or Troy, but I don't anticipate a lot of Rich Rod action in North Central Louisiana this fall.

Here's some general cliff notes (zone, shallow, mesh, solid) of what to expect;

az2 @ Yahoo! Video

az @ Yahoo! Video

I hope folks are quickly reminded of the Rattay and Edwards success with Gary Crowton (though you shant mention that last name too loudly in these parts) and temper their perceptions accordingly.

I am anxious to see how they will take advantage of utilizing the explosive Phillip Livas.


Coach Bigelow said...

Who did the fans want then? Cause the offenses those two have run have been prolific.

dubber said...

I am very jealous that these two titans are going to be coaching within 100 miles of you.

If only Mike Leach would come to the midwest......

I expect regular visitors to this site will have some ancillary benefits, especially if you check out spring ball.