Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Make a Video Playbook from Movie Maker

Video is an awesome tool for teaching young people today. If you are making a video install playbook, it is a good idea to show the play drawn up before showing the video of the play itself. This helps your players to better visualize the concept. The best way to draw this play up is to "grab" a picture just before the snap of the ball from the video clip itself, draw it up in PowerPoint using arrows and letter, and then add this drawing back to your video.

First open Movie Maker and click on View and then click on Timeline. Next, import the video clip that you want. Now, there is a green line at the beginning of the clip. You can grab the picture from the beginning of the clip or you can drag the green line to whatever point you want to in the video. Once the green line is where you want it, click Tools, then click on Take Picture From Preview. Now you have a .jpg picture file that you will draw on in PowerPoint.

Next, download and open one of these PowerPoint files. The bottom file is the newest version of PowerPoint:

PASSING PLAYBOOK (video playbook drawing template).ppt

PASSING PLAYBOOK (video playbook drawing template).pptx

I am having problems with putting links on here. Go here to download the templates:

Right-click on the PowerPoint slide and go to Format Background and click on Picture or texture fill. Next click on the File button and find and select the .jpg file you just created from Movie Maker. Now your picture will be in the background.

Next, move around the arrows and change the letters to how you want them. Warning: working with curved lines is a pain in the butt in PowerPoint.

Once you have the play drawn up how you want, you will need to save the slide with the drawing so you can import it into your video. Click on the Windows icon in the top left corner and go down to Save As and then click on Other Formats. Click on File name and name the slide and then click on Save as type and save as .gif. It will ask you to export every slide or the current slide--click on Current Slide only. You can give the .gif file the same name you gave the original .jpg file.

Note: It is a good idea to save the play slide as a .jpg file the first time and then save it as a .gif the 2nd time after you draw the play up. This lets you go back and fix the play if you change anything on the drawing and it's easy to differentiate between the original pic and the drawn-up pic file by the file format.

Here is the order that I use. You will have to import the videos and pictures into the Movie Maker timeline:

1. Show .gif picture
2. Show the play, wide angle
3. Show the .gif picture again
4. Show the play, wide angle at 50% speed
5. Show the play, tight angle, 50% speed

To show the play in 50% speed, right-click the video, click Effects, go all the way down and click on Slow Down, Half; next click on Add, then click OK.

Make sure to save your files. Now, you can make a dvd or upload your video to Yahoo for your players to watch and learn. Kick butt and share with the rest of us when you get done.


Anonymous said...

I got it to work as you said.
More questions if you feel like expanding. I apologize if they seem elementary.
1. What if we want to take a picture of a formation that is not the START of a clip?
2. What is the best way to save and get this on a DVD that can be distributed and used in any DVD player?
I did make a movie and burned it to a DVD but it would only play in a computer and not in a regular DVD player (hooked to a TV).
Thanks so much for helping me thus far.

Anonymous said...

Ok, answered my own question on #1
Just play the clip and pause it, then go to tools...etc..
#2 still not sure.

Coach Hoover said...

Good question.

1. If there is motion or the defense if stemming and the QB makes a check, I will on occasion start a play from a different spot. Just drag that little green bar on the timeline to exact spot where you want it. I will note that in the blog post.

2. To make a dvd, I clicked on Publish to DVD on the left side. Then I am taken to Windows DVD Maker.

This is from the windowsdvdmaker.com about video format. Hope it helps:

Video Format

Most of the time you will not need to change this setting. However, if you intend to share your DVD with a friend or family member who lives in a different country/region, you might need to change the video format to one that matches theirs. The video format that is currently selected, NTSC or PAL, is based on the Regional and Language Option settings in Control Panel. Those in the United States should have NTSC selected.

If that doesn't work, Brophy wrote about a product called dvddecrypter here to use instead of windows dvd maker:


brophy said...

Dvd decrypter simply writes an image/copy of a previously burned disc

If you want insight as to burning/publishing outside of the MS environment (3rd party), I wrote about it here