Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zone Blocking - Ron Hudson (ULL)

Ending the OL presentation, was ULL OC, Ron Hudson, discussing ULL's notorious rushing attack.

Linemen work playside gap to linebacker, which becomes a zone, gap, man-scheme.

Rather than talk about hips and footwork, Hudson feels his emphasis on face and hands ("point with nose") is what helps his linemen grasp zone concepts faster ("in playside gap, put your nose to far number of defender").

The question Hudson wants to present on every down is "Can the defense stretch with us"?
Then he will see where the offense can stop just one of the defenders (from stretch) and gash them for a big run

RB Coaching points (on zone)
  • Slide shuffle
  • Shoulder square to cocked to attack
  • Stay on track to aiming point
  • Press heels of OL
OL Coaching points (on zone)
  • deep bucket step
  • 1,2,3 square
  • get vert
  • Shuffle (gain leverage)
  • then press (vertical)
  • Bucket step (lose ground to gain leverage)
  • Plant your face on far number (of DL covering you)
  • Take steam off slanter (DL moving away, stay on as he crosses your face)
  • Follow landmark (far number)
Uncovered linemen work flipper / near leg (2nd step) / to near flipper:
1. Lateral
2. Flipper

Hudson's approach with surface contact on zone is premised on kinetic loading through dipping the hips prior to engaging a defender. This becomes a 1, 2 step then (load) vertical jump through the defender. This is illustrated through his "Superman" drill shown below.
Coaching Points for linemen
  • Don’t extend arms in run game (think tripod)
  • Throw face and hands on 2nd step
  • Dip hips to uncoil (helps timing)
  • Eyes to the sky when Crowther pumping (don’t drive through and bury your head)

Zone Combos
Ringo / Lucky / Triple (line) calls to communicate help into zone
If the center hears a Ringo call– and near man (3 tech) comes, the nose doesn’t matter

Triple is 3-man combo (and PST just 'hears' "Ringo", meaning he's on his own) between the BSG, C, and PSG

uncovered center slams nose and works to Mike. He can work to slam the nose, and have the BSG work towards the Mike

Uncovered center sees the near knee of the 3 tech come towards him, he will work to take him, while the PSG 'takes the steam off' the stick

The cadence is ALWAYS on 1, and they don't have false starts because the center calls the cadence (though the QB calls the protection at the line). The cadence is a 2-syllable, 1-word ('SETHUT'). The center snaps the ball on the 'T' of SET. The rest of the line will rise out of their stance on the 'H' of HUT.

When working freeze plays, the center can make a "Trout" call, declaring the TACKLE will call the cadence (great for aggressive defensive ends).

ULL INSIDE RUN from ragin caucasian on Vimeo.

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