Monday, June 28, 2010

Spacing...The Final Frontier - part 2

More Spacing to get you through the summer...Here is the Spacing route on the backside of Slant. The protection is a 6 man slide to the left with the RB picking up the right DE. QB's initial thought process is Slant vs. Cover 2 and 3-man Spacing vs. Cover 3. Andrew Coverdale would describe this as a non-premium look, meaning there is an overhang LB or safety is in the alley in position to help vs. the Slant. More specifically, this would be called Limited Access because of the Loose CB. Bottom line, the QB knows the Slant probably isn't going to be open.

The QB has a three-step drop. He will still peek at the Slant on his first step in his drop just in case the alley player blitzes. Also, this "peek" to the single-side X WR will help open up the Sit route. The QB will peek at the Slant, then his progression is Sit to Mini-Curl to Flat route. Here the Sit route to the TE is open, so he takes it right away. I'm a perfectionist who unsuccessfully tries to not be too critical, but the throw by the QB could be better. The Air Raid Settle and Noose drill has the QB practice passing the ball to the shoulder opposite of the nearest defender. I would like to see a more accurate throw to the left shoulder of the TE here to help with the YAC (yards after catch) but I'll still praise my QB for the correct read and for moving the chains with a 5 yd throw that turns into a 10-11 yd gain.

Next time, we'll look at Spacing to the Mini-Curl.

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Kevin said...

I like the reads going from left to right as the QB scans across the defense. More SPACING please!

I guess I feel like I try to get my QB reading in this way even though most of our reads are a high-low. We'll run smash and backside will run a dig/choice.

So the big idea with spacing is a horizontal flooding of a zone as opposed to vertical stressor?

Anonymous said...

I thought I knew how to do your PowerPoint picture trick but I am having a problem. I get the pic as a background of a slide. Save it as a JPEG (after importing it to the background as .gif). It saves fine as you describe.
When I import it as a picture into windows moviemaker, it shows up as a black (blank) picture with my autoshapes showing up fine.
Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I guess a followup question is how do you "grab" the shot from the paused video?
I used "printscreen" that someone suggested in a previous post.

Coach Hoover said...

Kevin, Spacing is indeed a horizontal stretch play, like Curl-Flat, but shorter. Coverdale says to deepen the Spacing routes if you are using 5 step routes on the frontside like you are talking about. How deep depends on how deep the frontside concept play is. Ideally, the QB needs to have time to look at the frontside and then the Spacing concept should be opening up as he begins to look at it on the backside.

Anonymous 1, check your picture files and make sure that the picture is showing up in your pics. If it shows up, it should appear in Movie Maker.

Anonymous 2, you made me bust out the Movie Maker. Go to the beginning of the clip, click Tools, then click on Take Picture From Preview. Now you have a .jpg picture file. I would then draw it up in PowerPoint and save it as a .gif file (which is backwards from what I told you guys before). As long as your initial picture and your finished product are different formats, you will be fine.

I will attach the Power Point pic to the post. Simply change the background picture. You can then change the arrows and letter of the players however you want.

brophy said...

you can also use vlc media player (free)

and has all the codecs you need if you're running Vista.
It takes great snapshots of video files (and allows you to control the speed of the video).

The printscreen function won't work with media (sourced from another source, dvd,vid).

Coach Hoover said...

I went ahead and did another article explaining the process from top to bottom with Movie Maker. The links for the PowerPoint templates are on there.