Monday, June 7, 2010

Teaching Your Players In The Classroom - Ed Zaunbrecher

Any excuse to travel into the heart of the cajun triangle is a good one and be it for football...well, even betta.

Before we dove head first into the weekend's festivities, we HAD to partake in the legendary cajun cuisine of Prejeans. The Crab Au Gratin was delicious and our creole waitress, Trista, (with her French accent) was even more.

The next few series of posts (this week) will be talks from this weekend's UL-Lafayette Ragin Cajun Clinic. Among the list of presenters (that I'll be sharing) were Pete Jenkins (Phil Eagles), William Jones (EMCC), Chris Truax (SFA), Allen Rudolph (SLU), and Ron Hudson (ULL). As stated previously, I am a big fan of podcasting for efficiently assimilating information (through passive stimulation).

This first installment features, Rice Offensive Coordinator, Ed Zaunbrecher, on the methodology for teaching your offensive players in the classroom. This is a great precursor to understanding offensive philosophy and basic offensive concepts.

The mp3 to the clinic lecture is located here


Teaching the QB in the Classroom
Coach must first be able to give specifics to QB

  • Details – fits a system
  • Accountability – consistency
  • Communication – teaching tools
  • Reference for staff
  • Continuity when coaches change

Defensive Concepts

  • Fronts
  • All you expect to see
  • Number in box
  • Shade-3 tech
  • End inside or outside
  • Overload
  • Coverage rotation
  • Free man in protection
  • Coverages
  • Middle open or closed
  • Man or zone
  • Areas open and covered
  • Spot drop or matchup
  • Where are potential blitzers
  • What do they allow quickly

Teaching Progression Day 1

  • Introduce in classroom drawing
  • Film study if possible
  • Individual techniques
  • Individual timing
  • Group vs Air
  • Pass skel or inside run
  • Team

Teaching Progression Day 2

  • Review
  • Practice Film
  • Question and Answer- if they can’t tell you they don’t know
  • Onfield timing
  • Pass skel-inside run
  • Team

Teaching Tools

  • Installation schedule- more thorough-nothing omitted
  • Playbook-handouts
  • Take notes
  • Teaching tapes
  • Walk throughs
  • Board work
  • Homework

Sample Play

  • Purpose of play
  • Uses
  • Concepts involved
  • Formations used
  • Protection-hots
  • Quick throws
  • Middle closed reads
  • Middle open reads
  • Man reads
  • Possible adjustments
  • Eyes

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