Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pass Pro - Chris Truax (SFA)

Proceeding Allen Rudolph at the ULL clinic, was Stephen F Austin Offensive Line Coach, Chris Truax. Truax shared his thoughts on protection in SFA's 1-back system.

SFA is a 4 wide 1-back offense with 15 routes, 3 runs, 3 screens, and 3 protections bearing a strong resemblance to "air raid" (note his astute observations on formation naming).
Truax spent time discussing his philosophy on protection and offensive line play fundamentals.
Fundamentals of Pass Pro
  • Know where QB set is
  • Be patient
  • Get into set quickly
  • Use hands
  • If you are covered by a down defender know your help
  • Maintain loose and relaxed posture prior to contact
  • Stay off your toes
  • Don’t lean on defender after contact
  • Head goes back as hands/arm extend to jam
Protection Drills For Linemen Everyday
  • Kick flat
  • Kick angle
  • Kick vertical
Truax explaining center technique for gaining leverage with the off hand

Coaching the center in pass pro
  • Uncork hips (of snap hand) to point to landmark
  • extend opposite (off) hand

If down lineman is positioned on center's off hand?

  • Off hand punch
  • kick off leg
  • 2nd step/hand regoroups

Dealing with dangerous 1 tech , do they fan to the nose?

  • No, they will always call protection to 3 tech
    Don’t chase space, if Nose hips leave, drift back

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