Monday, June 7, 2010

Important Practice Principles - Pete Jenkins

DL NFL/NCAA Coaching legend, Pete Jenkins (Philadelphia Eagles DL), sharing fundamental principles to be successful with practice.

Important Practice Principles
1. Coaching with purpose: Players and Coaches should be on the same page
2. Practice every day with toughness, speed, and intensity
3. Practice what’s important to be successful
4. Simulation is the key
5. Consistency regardless of the opponent
6. Have an advanced plan (weather, school, schedule, etc)
7. Practice unusual schemes early and often (don’t wait until the end of the week)
8. Practice the obvious situations over and again
9. Stress and emphasize the kicking game
10. The questions we all share: what to teach, how to teach, how long and how often

Identify and define positional needs within your scheme of offense and defense

Components of the Pell Method of Teaching Football
The skill – football skills both mental and physical relative to positional needs and successful execution

The drill – the teaching process designed to help your player understand and become physically proficient at skills and techniques needed to play winning football

The time – based on two factors:

1. How well or how poorly players are executing
  • Good execution – polish the skill
  • Poor execution – coach and rep skill
2. In season, the specific nature of the opponents offense or defense

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