Monday, November 9, 2009

Florida Fire Zone: Cowboy

Finally, the last type of field pressure, incorporates everyone’s favorite corner blitz.

Again, the defensive line “pirate” stunts away from the pressure side (nullifying any potential counter the offense would provide in adjusting protection to the bandit). This is actually the simplest of all their pressures, as the only adjustment is made by the free safety, who will sink to the weak /call side #1 receiver and rob any potential hot throw to him inside-out. The rest of the receiver disbursement is handled by the linebackers.

This is a great run-down / play-action pressure as all receiving threats are accounted for quickly while bottling up any outside / boot action.

The main rule (as with any corner blitz) is that the corner fires outside of #2 to ensure leverage on the passer. All receiving threats are accounted for regardless of formation.

UF COWBOY @ Yahoo! Video

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