Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shufflin' on down.......

A blast from the past and continuing on a vamp from earlier this year, here is some quick footage of the 46 bear in action (SBXX)

The gist of the earlier tangent about the 46 and the evolution from the 8-man fronts, was not some sudden meteor shower that drove the 46 into extinction. Notice the offensive formations that New England presents here. They were the same fronts everyone was using at that time and no one dared (saved the Dan Marino-led Dolphins of the era....and we know how that turned out) challenge this type of defense any other way.

The "natural selection" of removing a back from the backfield and/or flexing the Y, forced defenses to adapt and evolve to the 2-high looks that dominated the 90's (and today).

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