Monday, November 9, 2009

Florida Run Game


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ZONE (Quarterback)

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ZOMBIE (Zone Lead)

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Anonymous said...

Brophy, In the run game what are you looking for in trying to create a successfull run play?

Can you explain the role if any the saftey plays in the numbers game of run game(him being the running backs counter part). Also, how does that affect the direction the run is going.

Or is more about alignment and formation of the defense?

Could you explain?

Thank you

brophy said...

great question.

I would say that would depend on what you want to accomplish.

The bottom line, for a defense, as well as an offense, would be the offensive formation / the defensive coverage.

For an offense, it would be premised on how you look to attack a defense. From a run game perspective, it would be primarily predicated on just blocking the defensive front, with the secondary run support characters being an after thought.
offense vs run support

As far as the safeties, well that primarily depends on your coverage. The coverage ultimately defines the run support of a defense and where that safety fits versus run action.

coverage determines the run support

When you talk about getting an extra number in run support, you look no further than "robber" coverage, outlined here;
Hokie Robber Coverage

Anonymous said...

The Dart ends up being another form of the Power when you wash out an end playing wide on play side. Good one for the four minute mark of a game, leading a big blocker back inside against a wide set line.