Saturday, November 7, 2009

Leesville: Running Out Of Gas

We will be doing the Nestea backward plunge into the post-season (as #27 with 10.40 power points) after falling to the Leesville Wampus Cats last night (47-43). We hope to get a few individuals healthy on defense, but the game served as a sobering reminder of what it takes to be a competitor. Leesville, led by Head Coach David Feaster, battled all night long and gave us our closest taste of what playoff football looks and feels like. Hopefully, we can use this experience in preparation for our next opponent, and get back to fundamentals.

With the return of our junior quarterback, E.Jones, the offense was afforded another dimension to move the chains and free up our playmakers. The one-two punch of J.Moseley and J.Fobbs was in full effect (see highlight video below) and ironically, we put on a clinic on throwing 41/51/43 fast screens, finally getting in a competent groove (blocking on the perimeter) with these simple plays.


Anonymous said...

Brophy, with these blitzes in mind what are you seeing as a defensive coach that makes it a strategic time to use these fire zones?

I read on chris' blog that you are attacing their protection, and you said explained the bob situation but can you elaborate on this?

Thank you

Brophy said...

Great question and sounds like a great topic to cover next (coming soon on attacking protection)