Friday, November 13, 2009

Well, that sucks.......

Not to be a downer, as I'm usually rather laissez faire about everything, but a really good book by Michael Lewis (among many) looks to be shat upon.

completely ripping off the awesome of EveryDayShouldBeSaturday here

Yes, that appears to be the long and short of this movie, when you reduce Lewis' book down to Michael Oher's personal story made to play up the sappy "white benefactor" mercy on the "poor black kid". Probably the most disingenuous parts of the book are the depictions of Oher's story (though vital to the conclusion the author presents) and the maudlin under current that the made-for-Lifetime film version of this is hitching its wagon to.

If you enjoy sports, sociology, history, or just football trends....(hey, do you like do yourself a favor and read the book.

The author asserts, and his entire focus, is essentially about the rise of the dominant pass rusher.

The ushering in the era of SPEED into the game that has quickened the pace of Darwinian law in this sport.

Somehow, I don't see Sanra Bullock being able to drive that salient point home. Although, I don't recall Michael Lewis detailing any debased love scenes in his book, I'm more than willing to concede "creative-license" to be taken by John Lee Hancock, the director of the movie. I am not even sure how this movie works out with cameos by Lou Holtz, Nick Saban, Tommy Tubberville, ....Fred Fulmer,...............but no ED ORGERON!?!

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