Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pattern Read: Safety Response

The last step in this Cover 2 discussion ends with the ½ field safety. Obviously their job is to put the roof over the defense and allow all other defenders to play underneath. To do this job effectively and consistently, they must know how they relate to the pattern distribution. This will reveal how they will compensate for coverage liabilities and better support the coverage shell.

Their first response is to key and recognize the #1 receiver to their side. The position of the #1 receiver will determine the immediate threat to ‘break’ the defense by an outside and vertical throw. The safety should know who the #2 vertical threat is on any given down based on formation (2x2 or (3x1).

At the snap, the safety will key the EMOL for run/pass key. After a pass key recognition, the safety reads #1 receiver – to quarterback – to #2 receiver.

#1 Vertical - #2 To The Flat

The safety should overplay the vertical threat and keep inside leverage on #1. He is anticipating the curl-flat concept.

#1 Hitch - #2 Vertical
With #2 vertical and #1 remaining shallow, the safety should expect the smash or seam concept. He will peddle back and inside read #2 as he presses into the seam. The safety should be defending the seam-to-post-corner route with inside-out leverage.

Double slant

With #2 and #1 breaking shallow inside, there isn’t much help a deep half safety can provide. He should be anticipating the slant-and-go (“sluggo”) and remain over the top of #1, leveraging inside-out.

#1 Vertical - #2 inside or hitch

Since #2 remains shallow, he is no threat to the deep half, so the safety should look to overplay the vertical by #1. With #2 shallow, he should keep inside leverage on #1and anticipate a deep, inside breaking route (dig) from #1.

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Anonymous said...

Some quarter-quarter-half defenses, will have the safety read #2 and #2 only and have that man take you to the play. If the Corner and safety both play off #2 in a read 2 situation I believe it makes the picture clearer. CB has all of #1 unless #2 slides or loops. Safety you have any vertical stem of #2. If #2 slides or loops you have all of #1. CB has all of #1 if #2 goes vertical. Defining Vertical as anything that breaches the lb's without turning his shoulders inside or out.