Sunday, November 29, 2009

Season End

After an exciting playoff push that unified the team, we fell to a powerful Lutcher team Friday night. Lutcher's high-powered offense proved too much for us, breaking our defense at every turn. Quarterback Gavin Webster (#15) proved to be a one-man wrecking crew even with an extremely talented cast of team mates around him. Be sure to check out Lutcher's sophomore running back (#5), Daniel Taylor, and junior receiver (#80), Jarvis Landry, who should be names to remember in the next few season. Hats off to the Bulldogs on their future playoff success.
It has been a rewarding season and it is always a blessing to get to know the many unique and enjoyable players we have on our team.

This was a great group of kids who should be able to take something rewarding, fulfilling, and empowering from the last 16 weeks that can serve them for the rest of their life's journey.

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ArtofTroy: said...

Sorry to hear you lost but congrats on a fine season! We did not make the play offs this year but still did a little better than we expected. Good luck next season and keep up the good work on the blog! Art