Monday, November 2, 2009

SEC: LSU @ Bama

One thing this game will teach us, is that;

Tigers HATE Cinnamon.........

Bama will win this game by no less than 10, doing nothing fancy, and will be rather bland in their football seasoning.

While both teams have their issues with offensive production this year, each has a peculiar ailment. Bama struggles with inconsistency and lack of play-making ability/decisions with Greg McElroy, they have absolutely no problems running the ball. While LSU struggles with consistently moving the chains and distributing the ball, Jordan Jefferson is providing competent play-making ability.

The matchup to watch will be Bama sitting in two-high defenses between the 30’s, forcing (daring) LSU to try to run the ball (hoping to bottle up any big play potential of LaFell and Tolliver). The problem they’ll face is the matchup of Terrence Cody vs T-Bob Hebert. Herbert will be owned by both Cody and his relief hitter, Lorenzo Washington, as the Tigers will struggle at the line of scrimmage, leaving all-world linebackers McClain and Hightower fast-flowing and free to handle screens and crossers.

While Chad Jones has been having a phenomenal season following up on the fire he started on the field last year, containing Julio Jones may be a task too tall for the Junior. Expect a heavy dose of Ingram and Grant as the Tide rises quietly to a comfortable lead and rides it to the end of regulation.

........but they LOVE pepper!

For LSU to remain competitive and put the Tide on the defensive, they will require Les Miles’ patented Cajun seasoning of gimmicks (“wild tiger”), misdirection (play-action/reverses), and voodoo (4th downs & special teams fakes).

These teams meeting is always intriguing as it usually sets the tone for recruiting wars in the Gulf South. For the second year straight, I don’t see the Tigers coming out of Tuscaloosa on the happy end of a beat down.

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