Saturday, December 19, 2009

Amateurs talk strategy, professionals talk logistics.

Stealing an oft-used, Clausewitz-esque, military axiom, its application with coaching is profound. When you reduce it all down, it always comes down to fundamentals and execution. If you are looking for that next step, that competitive advantage for your team this off-season.....pump your brakes when you find yourself getting excited over schemes or philosophies.

Often times in the off-season, through clinics or bowl games, we can be influenced with stimulating Xs and Os and be convinced that those are the 'answers' we need to find to turn the corner.

Undoubtedly, setting players up for success on the field is aided with play-calling and match-ups. However, often times this is such a small, over-valued facade in football that it blinds us from the foundational tenets of successful football.

Here is my pitch, my admonition to you and your off-season staff to evaluate HOW, not WHAT, you will be doing in the Fall. How are you going to account for all situations, how are you going to competently teach your game plan for each opponent, how are you going to build relationships with your players and parents?

This off-season, SKIP the clinics - save your money.
Challenge you and your staff to think differently - make yourself uncomfortable. Instead of clinics or DVD, schedule time to spend quality time with a college or university program.

When you do so, SHUT UP. Listen, absorb, humble yourself and acknowledge what they do to create organized efficiencies. THIS is the logistical modality that you can apply to your program (regardless of what you run) that will improve the condition of your football schedule in 2010.

Enjoy the holidays.


Kevin said...

Great idea. What's the best time to try to observe a college at practice. I know there's spring ball, but I want to make sure I'd see a decent set of drills/team and indi.

Secondly, for those of you that have done this is it just as easy as calling the college and getting permission to go?

Unknown said...

I will be observing a college this spring. I got a sit down with the HC and asked if I would be able to watch, learn the lingo, ect. He was receptive to that. I would simply ask the head man.

Glen said...

The best thing to do is to get a copy online of the Spring Practice Schedule and plan around that. I suggest you attend anytime other than their Spring Coaching Clinic. I went a couple of years ago to Texas Tech and Mike Leach met with me for a couple of hours(this was a week after his clinic). If your a spread guy, I would suggest the following: Troy, Mid Tenn, Houston, and Texas Tech (long drive).

jgordon1 said...

Thank You..well stated... I am also visiting high quality HS programs that i would like to emulate