Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reason For the Season: Festivus

Festivus starts tonight. What a year its been.
Airing of Greivances
I'd first like to air my grievances.....
Mark May and Lou Holtz. You two are single-handedly spoiling the college football experience. Shut your mouths. Quit trying to sound intelligent. Quit trying to make up cute word-mashups. Lou, what the hell happened? You were the untouchable coaching Howdy Doody dynamo in the you're a ridiculous Sylvester the Cat talking joke.
Big 10 Football. Suck it. This was 'your year' Ohio State....enter teh shut up for the next decade, and take Penn State with you. Call me when you get the stones to have a conference championship game.
Now to the Feat of Strength!
I challenge Jessica Biel to a feat of strength.....I dare Ms. Biel to a tug-of-war with.....
Ah, moving on, I'll wish a seasons greeting as we all gather around the Festivus pole and enjoy a performance or two.....

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