Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wrong Arm!

We run a 42 and sometimes roll (what would be a big SS) up on him and look to get physical with the TE at the first step. With an immediate jam. We like to do this playing C2 to the strongside.

We have him cocked inside eyeballing the TE's "Riddell" sticker on his helmet. Once he flinches, we make a quick 6" power step with the inside foot, immediately puching with the inside hand.

If he goes down on the DE, we push his hip with inside hand (don't want more than a hand on that) and immediately look to spill / wrong arm the FB / OG for power.

If he reaches, we punch that inside and maintain the outside leverage, slowly allowing to drift with movement.

If he releases vertical, we jam and ride him into the SILB, then 'throw the hammer' to bail to the "Curl" opening outside.

When we put a OLB in a 9 tech, we're playing (most teams do) Cover 2. He is not outside run force here, so we want him spilling it to the perimeter.

"wrong arm" - we wrong arm the trap & power.

We teach wrong arm as giving up your outside shoulder to take on an inside block (kick out). We take our outside flipper and aim for the inside thigh board of the load block. Create a pile.

We play a nickel as our base, but our personnel is that of a 4-3, really, just that we flip the SLB and SS. If you have a TE and two backs we'll be in under. if it's third and long and you have two backs, we might be a 4/4 look so the sam is not on the LOS. If there is one back and a TE we might be in under but we do play some over but we would have a 7 tech with the de. In our structure we will never play a DE in a 9 tech, not that it's bad it's just different for what we do

Here is a clip we would show our SS's in the summer to help them understand just what the heck we are trying to teach them when we roll them up as 9 techniques. It is a bitch of a position to master and Romo was the man at playing it (hence the example of him wrong-arming the load).

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Gustaf Hallgren said...

If you wrong-arm with the SS at the 9 tech, who are you spilling to. Who is the force (=what's the coverage)?