Thursday, December 31, 2009

Balls Deluxe

Wow.....didn't get to catch all of the Idaho / Bowling Green game last night, but I did get to catch the tail end of it.

What an exciting and ballsy finish to what would have been a 'sleeper' of a bowl game.

Tied 35-35 in the final 2 minutes, Bowling Green scores what should be a nail-in-the-coffin touchdown, only to have Idaho patiently and methodically work the ball into the end zone in the final 4 seconds.

Facing a tie-the-game-and-go-to-overtime or go-for-2-and-win-now decision, Idaho Head Coach Robb Akey goes for 2, choosing a passing game staple.

The Vandals steal the 2-point PAT for the win with the 3-step spacing concept with a Z post. Quarterback Nathan Enderle can be seen taking his 3-step drop looking for the Y's positioning on the MLB. Since the area is so confined and no void can be created between where the MLB and the Y are position, he then scans to the positioning of the H relating to the SLB (who is expanding to the flaring A). With all defenders constricted on the shallow stems, and being that there is no middle of the field safety, Enderle enters his hitch and delivers to the Post as the Z breaks his stem behind the strong safety.

balls deluxe @ Yahoo! Video

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