Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Leach Contract

Enjoy that unlawful termination lawsuit, Tech.

Leach wanted specific provisions in his restructured deal, and the university said no for nearly a year. Tech had a huge season in 2008, Leach seized public momentum and opinion, and Tech (see: Myers) still said no all the way to the 11th hour before capitulating and -- get this -- giving Leach everything he wanted and more.

First, there were "sources" who told ESPN about Adam James' "mistreatment." Once it became known that Adam James was the player in question, those "sources" became Craig James being interviewed on SportsCenter by an anchor who threw fatter softballs than my daughter's baseball coach.

Then the story advanced over the next couple of days and took on a bigger life, despite conflicting evidence to the original stories of mistreatment and numerous emails from former players and current coaches at Tech not only backing Leach, but clearly explaining the entitled behavior of Adam James.

In addition, Chris Brown returns in full force reviewing the contract situation and Leach's dismissal;

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