Monday, December 28, 2009

Odds, ends, and what have you

In addition to the blogs linked on this page, here are some more good reads you can routinely check out;

I stumbled upon a wonderfully insightful podcast/lecture series from Oxford University covering Darwin and the 200 year span since he wrote, "Origin of Species", you may want to check out;,com_mediadb/task,view/idstr,OX-podcast-mpls_darwin200_audio_rss20_xml/Itemid,26

In addition, everyone's favorite biologist, PZ Myers, reviews NOVA's latest special of "What Darwin Didn't Know"...

Looking forward to the stretch of 'real' bowl games this week, starting with the Advocare Independence Bowl. A real good write-up of the matchup between the Bulldogs and Aggies can be found here;

View of Independence Stadium from my office this afternoon (0.8 mi away)

Geaux Texas Bulldogs

Though I usually attend the I-bowl, I decided to sit this one out this year because I was tired of enduring the 'cold' (35 degrees tonight) the last few years. So my son and I will watch it on TV, instead. So far, by fan count, A&M is winning with 39 smoking hot young women in tight jeans and Ugg boots to only 2 Georgia women.

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