Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Parents Just Don't Understand....


After the first game opener.....

two weeks later......

you can't tell this was written by a parent, right?

Another gem (email) from a few years ago.........same scenario;



Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 10:06 AM

Subject: football game


Could you please forward this email to the football program- -------- etc? ------- is o-2 so far.

Both games could have been won easily.Special team mistakes- a fumbled punt return that (opponent) recovered for a TD.and a missed field goal cost you that win. Also the panicing as time ran out - you don't need to air it out and get it intercepted if you have a couple of minutes left- a 10 yd first down or out of bounds run will stop the clock also.

Now to the game last night.The swing pass did not work- why did you keep trying it?I hate to be critical but you and the coaching staff need to review your play calling -what worked what didn'.t You owe it to the players to call the best play for each situation and right now I give you a C- You wasted two time outs early in the second half why? You needed them later and they were gone! The pitch out to ------ worked well. the one short pass worked well. What about slant passes across the middle? (opponent) dbacks were playing off our wide receivers what about a quick pass to them? Does ------l always have to run sweeps what about him picking holes in the line more- (opponent) got two touchdowns up the middle by breaking tackles. Which means the -------defense needs to review the basics of tackling- hit them low etc.If (QB) doesn't mind running the ball more, you could run the option sometimes. ------'s failed attempt to get the 2point conversion could have worked if he had tried to go in the north direction sooner but he'll learn as the season goes- maybe he was too tired?The gutsy 4th quarter tdown pass to ------was a beauty!

The guy I was sitting with was way more critical of the coaches than I have been here.

I know you guys are doing your best but you gotta step it up You lost two good chances to be 2-0 the rest of the season does't get any easier. Keep working hard and smarter and this could still be a successfull year. AndI know it's not all about winning. It's about having fun about character development and getting a good education These things will always be more important that winning. I hope you will consider some of my ideas. If you want I will send an email afer each game.

Gotta go.

Arm chair Dave


Brandon Moore said...

this guy sounds legit. give him a job!

Unknown said...

I got a fan mail once, it said "I really like your sideline skills and excitement. I am a fireman and and I always sleep naked."... needless to say I asked to be moved to the Box.

jgordon1 said...

at least the first kid had the nuts to sign his name