Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Off Season Team Building: Mat Drills

Football hasn't been a 'season' sport for over a decade at most high schools.

Outside of a weight program that cycles your athletes through progressive stages of development (peaking at the start of the season), the supplemental component to this training is "mat drills". This combines all the best from how the wrestlers used to train (no longer have to advocate players wrestling) without worrying about them stunting growth with outrageous body weight manipulation.

These are also great team-building exercises, because players will often be challenged more severely than they would in football practice. It also requires a greater investment in what the team is working for. Nothing invested, nothing lost. When the game is on the line in October, there is no way a player can just turn their back after enduring through such a demanding "off-season".

Having done this at other programs, just a few notes;
Schedule it before school - don't think you can accommodate schedules. After school, on the weekend, will still find a reason to miss. Get in early, put in the hustle, and enjoy the rest of the day. Nothing will build your players more both emotionally and mentally than challenging them with this type of explosive training to start the day.

Mind Over Matter (don't mind the ones that don't matter) - your numbers may suffer at first, it happens. Don't worry about the kids that aren't there / showing up. Focus and support the kids that ARE there and seize the opportunity to cultivate deeper relationships with those players.

A collection of COD, plyos, agilities, and speed work

MAT @ Yahoo! Video

MAT @ Yahoo! Video

MAT @ Yahoo! Video

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