Friday, December 4, 2009

You Is What You Are

Happy Zappadan!

What better way to enjoy the season than by reflecting on the imaginative and unbridled existence of the man, Frank Zappa. Sure to put a smile on your face and intrigue your senses, Zappa's influence on culture, politics, and music is unrivaled.

I'll never forget being a youngster looking up to my older siblings with USA's Night Flight and witnessing the acid-visuals and catchy tune of You Are What You Is........

As well, as still getting a kick out of Frank's avocation of logic and reason, as evidenced in the Kabuki-political farce that was Crossfire.

Of particular note is his proclamation at mark 14:00 - keep in mind this was 30 YEARS AGO!
Its really a shame that we have progressed further down that path and that the illogical rhetorical bloviating taking place in this video has now become norm de rigueur in our society.

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