Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Off Season Project: ISO Disc Image

Time to get organized!
It has been difficult to manage the 600 and some football DVDs in my collection and relying on one master disc is a risky proposition.

The plan for 2010 is to create ISO files for each one and save to a few external Terabyte hard drives. This should better categorize and secure this library (primarily of game film).


Easy, with DVD Decrypter.
  • Just pop in the master disc
  • Read the Disc
  • Write the ISO file to the chosen directory (external HD)

Then when I next need to burn an additional copy, I simply slap in a blank DVD, pull up the file, and BURN! That's it. I'd have my entire library on a few small, portable HDs that can be (plug-and-play) burned anywhere.


Kevin said...

Will you break down the process of how this is done?

Coach Hoover said...

Brophy, thanks for the information. Lot of great stuff on your site and it keeps getting better.